Winter Market 2019-20

November - April 

Every second Saturday

11am- 2pm 

120 West Verona Ave.    

Verona, WI 

(Verona Area Chamber of Commerce Building)


In conjunction with ...

The Purple Goose


La Ferme dans la Vallee (full season)  Herbs & Greens,Duck & Chicken eggs,

baked goods 

The Life of Bud (full season)  Children's books, Doggie bow ties & Bandanas

Ann in a Jam (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) Jam, Jelly, Pickles 

M&M Creations (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr)  Baked goods & sweet treats

Gough's Gorgeous Farm Goods (full season) Eggs, dehydrated fruits & veggies, sweet corn meal & flour

Tater and the Dragon (Jan, Feb, Mar) 

Verona Area Education Foundation  (Dec) Bags & pencil holders made from city signs created by VASD students -non-profit

Banana Blossom gifts (Dec) Jewelry, etc 



Hometown Junction Park,  S. Main Street,  Verona